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Related news about working in Japan and info about Japanese company.

Standardization ng toilet mark sa Japan, isasagawa (01/17)
Japan, to start connecting appliances in the internet by Oct 2017 (01/05)
Revolutionizing capsule hotel in Japan (01/04)
First batch of Pinoy Househelper, papasok na sa Japan ngayong January (01/02)
Nikon, to start cutting 1,000 regular employee next year (12/14)
Lawson, to use Self-Service Cashier Robot starting year 2018 (12/14)
Nenkin required eligibility para tumanggap, nabago na from 25 to 10 YEARS (11/16)
Spouse salary limit, to change from 103 to 130 or 150 lapad (11/16)
Fujiko sousai products 600,000 pieces recall (11/11)
NIKON, to start cutting 1,000 workers in Japan (11/08)
Mister Donut, magbababa ng presyo simula today November 8 (11/08)
Calorie Mate Jelly, recalls 2.7 million product item (11/08)
Universal Studio Japan, magtataas na naman ng entrance fee (11/02)
Pinoy trainee who died from overwork, acknowledged by Ministry of Labor ... (10/16)
37 Pinoy, panalo sa kasong illegal layoff laban sa Sharp Mie Factory (09/26)
Barangay 143 (Slamdunk version) Anime, gagawin at ipapalabas sa Pinas (09/26)
Un-employment benefit na natatanggap, itataas mula year 2017 (09/13)
JR Yamanote Line new station design, released (09/07)
Luggage Free Service in Japan airport, sisimulan (09/07)
LINE Mobile, 500 YEN Tsukaihoudai service to start (09/05)
Post office Bank ATM, to have Tagalog language (08/27)
Yuucho Bank, to charge user in sending money to other account (08/17)
Pinoy Housekeeper, papasok na sa Kanagawa Japan by November 2016 (07/27)
SHARP, magtatanggal ulit nang mahigit 7,000 workers (06/23)
Cash/Credit card, limited to withdraw 50,000 YEN only in Yuchou Bank (06/20)
10% increase in consumer tax, hindi matutuloy next year April 2017 (06/02)
37 Pinoy workers, asking for 3,700 lapad compensation against Sharp (05/25)
Housekeeper workers, nadi-delay ang pagpapasok sa Japan (05/18)
Sharp, magtatanggal muli ng mahigit 3,000 employees (05/11)
Un-employment insurance benefit, maraming nag-aapply sa Kumamoto (05/11)
Sahod ng non-regular workers, pinag-aaralang itaas (04/08)
UNIQLO, patuloy na bumababa ang sales (04/08)
Taxi initial fare in Tokyo, maaaring ibaba sa 400 YEN (04/05)
Biggest bus terminal in Japan, now open in Shinjuku (04/04)
Sogo department store, magsasara rin this coming autumn season (03/11)
Ito Yokado 20 branch stores in Japan, isasara (03/11)
Certified care worker under JPEPA pwede na sa home nursing work (02/27)
JR East, invented an ash removing device in a train rail (02/27)
JAL make an emergency landing dahil sa bird strike na tumama sa engine (02/21)
Tokyo Disney Land & Sea, magtataas ng entrance fee simula April (02/09)
Construction of Shinagawa station for Linear Shinkansen, started (02/08)
Interest ng Yuuchou Ginkou (Post Office Bank), ibababa (02/08)
Fuel Surcharge sa ANA at JAL, magiging FREE starting April 2016 (02/08)
Costco, best place to work as a part timer here in Japan (02/02)
Yokohama at Kawasaki City, first work place ng DH sa Kanagawa Prefecture (01/23)
Mega Manila Subway Construction Project, accepting proposals from Japan (01/14)
Autobacs, to open a branch store in the Philippines (01/14)
Lower phone plan bill, ilalabas ng mga Telco next year in Japan (12/21)
Jet Star to start a flight to Manila from Chuubu Intl Airport (12/17)
McDonald, closing stores continue (11/23)
Electric bill, ibababa starting January 2016 (11/20)
210 Pinoy, natanggal sa Sharp Taki factory, 37 will file charge (10/30)
Japanese police, huli sa pananakit sa isang taxi driver (10/28)
IPhone 7, to be release soon? (10/26)
Japanese companies na pumapasok sa Pinas, dumarami ang bilang (10/23)
Mitsubishi Syouji & Ayala, to build Techno Park in Cavite (10/07)
300 Caregiver, 100 Nurse new batch of Pinoy medical workers arrived in J... (09/23)
Pinakamataas na building sa Japan, itatayo sa harap ng Tokyo Station (09/03)
NetFlix, to start service in September 2 (08/25)
Kaentai company, to culture UNI in Pangasinan (08/11)
LeoPalace 21, to open a branch in the Philippines (08/11)
UNIQLO, bumabagsak ang sales sa Japan (08/07)
Sharp, magbabawas ng 3,500 employee, start accepting voluntary resignation (07/29)
Tricyle EV Taxi, to start manufacturing and operation in the Philippines (07/24)
DH/General Housekeepers Job in Japan, nagsisimula na ang hiring (07/23)
Mitsubishi motors, to invest and produce small cars in the Philippines (07/15)
Nomura Holdings bought 49% stock of BDO Unibank Stock Company (06/30)
Ilang daily products, tataas ang price this coming July (06/29)
UCPB (United Coconut Planters Bank) maaaring bilhin ng Mitsubishi UFJ (06/19)
Hitachi, start selling high quality and expensive home appliances in the... (06/15)
Power harassment cases sa work place, patuloy na tumataas here in Japan (06/13)
NEC TOKIN, to expand operation in the Philippines (06/04)
H.I.S. start airport pickup taxi service in Manila area (06/04)
9 Pinay, naghain ng kaso laban sa isang Caregiver company in Osaka (05/27)
Yuupack, magtataas din ng service charge from 30 to 320 YEN (05/15)
Meiji Choco, magtataas ng presyo starting July (05/14)
Pagtaas ng mga presyo, patuloy pa rin on May, June & July 2015 (05/11)
1,500 Yen per hour salary, hiling ng mga Japanese part timer workers (04/16)
IPhone6/iPhone6 Plus, itataas ang presyo (04/14)
UNIQLO, magtataas ng 10% sa pricing nila (04/10)
Summer bonus in Japan, to increase ayon sa mga economist (04/08)
Narita LCC Terminal 3, opens today April 8 (04/08)
Tendon Tenya opens first branch in SM Mega Mall (04/07)
NAVITIME Transit Manila Application for Smartphone Available Now (04/02)
Cebu Pacific start Narita-Cebu flight route (03/27)
SIM card vending machine, available now in Japan (03/26)
Apple, to build Technical Development Center in Yokohama (03/26)
Jollibee, to open a branch in Japan soon (03/25)
PAL sets paperless entry at NAIA Terminal 2 starting next week (03/20)
Mitsubushi Syouji & Chiyoda Contruction win the bid to construct airport... (03/20)
Mister Donuts, magtataas ng presyo sa 14 main products nila (03/05)
Coco Ichibanya, first store in Philippines open (03/04)
Presyo ng mga ice products, itataas mula March 1 (03/01)
Miki House, to give 50 lapad special bonus (02/23)
Mga biktima ng pekeng Rakuten online shop dumarami (02/17)
Convenience store in the Philippines, parami ng parami (02/13)
ANA, ibababa ang fuel surcharge mula April 2015 (02/12)
Mag-ingat sa illegal recruitment for work in Japan (02/09)
Mitsubishi Jidousya, to Start Manufacturing Adventure & L300 in the Phil... (01/30)