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Some news and information about latest technology inside and outside Japan.

IPhone 16 model, magiging madaling magpalit ng battery (07/13)
First Dual Mode Vehicle (DMV), start operating in Tokushima (12/27)
Foldable iPhone, to be release by year 2022 (12/25)
Gundam in Yokohama, to open for public viewing on December 19 (11/30)
New device to check drugs hidden inside the body, gagamitin sa mga ports (10/19)
IPhone 12 reservation, to start October 16 in Japan (10/15)
Robots doing PCR test, maaaring ilagay sa mga airport (10/13)
Play Station 5 (PS5) to be in the market starting November 12 (09/17)
2 trainee working in hatake, tinamaan ng kidlat (08/23)
Rain water storage facility in Shibuya Station, tapos na (08/20)
Matandang babae, natagpuang meron nakabaon na gunting sa ulo (06/15)
1 year old girl, nahagip ng sasakyan, patay (03/22)
2 years old girl, nahulog sa mansion, patay (12/02)
Underground tunnel, preventing flood in metropolitan area (10/16)
Train construction for climbing Mt.Fuji, maaaring isagawa (07/29)
40% matitipid sa bagong KDDI au budget plan (05/13)
Making a tour without going to the place (04/03)
First subway in Jakarta Indonesia, open to the public (03/25)
Ropeway in Yokohama Minato Mirai, itatayo (02/25)
Drinking straw made from woods, to be manufacture (12/12)
Flying car in public use, maisasakatuparan by year 2030 (11/18)
3 Screen Foldable smartphones, to develop by NTT (10/30)
Home appliance na nagtitiklop ng damit, inilabas ng isang company (08/12)
Visual image from projector, nagiging touch screen (04/21)
Driverless delivery service, isasagawa in the near future (04/19)
My Number confirmation, magiging possible na sa Smart Phones (04/05)
Withdraw your money using smartphone, no need for cash card (04/05)
Hitachi, inilabas ang bagong technology in identifying a person in a CCT... (04/05)
Virus na target ang mga Smart TV, dumarami (11/08)
PlayStation VR(Virtual Reality) now on sale (10/13)
Gulo sa Tokyo Odaiba dahil sa paglabas nang rare Pokemon (09/20)
Viber, FREE call now to Landline and Cellphone (08/09)
Android application targeting personal information dumarami (03/08)
Linear shinkansen speed, umabot na sa 590 km/h (04/19)