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Isang lalaki from Aichi, tested positive sa nCoV (02/16)
Bagong 5 katao sa Tokyo, tested positive sa nCoV (02/16)
Kakutei Shinkoku (Income Tax Return), to start February 17 (02/16)
Bagong 70 katao sa cruise ship, tested positive sa coronavirus (02/16)
Isang babae from Nagoya, confirmed positive to coronavirus (02/15)

Withdraw your money using smartphone, no need for cash card

Apr. 05, 2017 (Wed), 805 views

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Ayon sa news na ito, uumpisahan sa ngayon ng Seven Bank ang bago nilang service kung saan makakapag withdraw ka ng pera mula sa iyong bank account gamit lamang ang smart phone at di na kailangan pa ang cash card.

Ang bagong service na ito ay magagamit sa lahat ng ATM na nasa loob ng Seven Eleven convenience store satarting next month. Using the JIBUN GINKOU application, you will just input the amount na gusto mong withdraw, then kunan ng picture ang QR Code na nakadisplay sa ATM, then the money will automatically withdraw. No need for any cash card.

This is a first service here in Japan kung saan makakapag withdraw ka ng pera na hindi gagamit ng cash card ayon sa news.

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