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Satellite development, a joint project of Hokkaido University, Touhoku University and Philippines

Mar. 07, 2015 (Sat)

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According to this news, Hokkaido University and Touhoku University and Philippines join together to develop a satellite that can able to monitor the natural calamity especially typhoon in the Philippines.

They invite some student back in the Philippines to demonstrate this technology which is a very light satellite and very affordable.

According to the university, they are planning to launch two (2) satellite until year 2017 which will cost 800 million YEN. The satellite has a weight of only 50 kilo and the one they are developing is an upgrade of RAIJIN 2 satellite which they launched before.

This satellite can also measure the density of the damage cause by heavy rains and typhoon which is a big problem in the Philippines. They are planning to launch the satellite next year.