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Japanese netizens, also shows sympathy and support to Pacquiao

May. 03, 2015 (Sun)

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As everyone here knows the result of the fight, Japanese netizens, audience and boxing fans in Japan also shows sympathy and support to our pambansang kamao. Here are some of the comments from netizens that I pickup and translated from the Japanese news about the fight.

Fut: Pacman should win as he continuously and agresively attack his opponent.

Was: Mayweather wins, but Pacman is the one remains in my memory after the fight.

B10: Even sa katulad kung amateur sa sport of boxing, I also taught that it was a draw. Pacman attacks and his opponent is mostly guarding.

Aka: As just a common viewer of this sport, di ko maintindihan kung bakit si Mayweather ang nanalo. I like the style of Pacman kaya dapat sya ang nanalo since he is the one attacking.

Xda: Pacman goes for a knockout and Mayweather goes for a win.

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