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373 Billion Peso, ilalaan ng Philippine government for transportation infrastructure

Feb. 20, 2015 (Fri), 579 views

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Ayon sa news na ito, inaaprobahan na ng Philippine government ang paglaan ng budget sa 6 na magkakaibang project na nagkakahalaga ng mahigit 373 billion peso ($8.42 billion). Ang mga project na ito ay mostly for the transportation infrastructure na kulang para sa lumalaking economy ng Philippines

Ang mga project na ito ay ang pag-construct na mahigit 100km road on Southern Philippines, 37km railway in northern Manila, a project to build and run a railway stretching from southern Metro Manila to the southern part of the main island of Luzon, project to expand Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway, a project to contract to build and run a 47km Cavite-Laguna expressway, and a so called "Swiss challenge" for a 20 billion pesos, an elevated road project proposed by Metro Pacific Investments.

The government is open now for possible bidding kung sinong mga company ang gagawa ng mga project na ito.

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