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Author Topic: MALAGO FORUM RULES  (Read 28775 times)
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« on: February 01, 2007, 06:32:47 PM »

(A-1)Lurkers, guest, and members of this forum are free to surf the contents here. But the contents that can be surf is limited to their status. While members of this forum have the privilege to get access to hidden information, links, and join the discussion, lurkers & guest can only view some limited informations.

(A-2)Members of this forum are requested to give only information related to the main vision of the community. Information not related to each objective of the FORUM BOARD are not requested to post.

(A-3)New FORUM Rules will be added here in this community accordingly if time and situation needed it.

(B-1)Registration in this forum is totally FREE and collection of payment in any form doesnt exist.

(B-2)Topics discuss here in this forum is mainly filipino related issue.

(B-3)Members who wanted to join the discussion here should be at least 15 years of age. Below this age limit is not welcome in this forum.

(B-4)Registration procedure in this forum may change if time and situation need it without prior notice.

(C-1)As an internet user, all members, lurkers & guest of this forum are requested to observe NETIQUETTE(NETWORK ETIQUETTE).

(C-2)Respect the opinion of any members he/she posted in any threads. If you think that his/her information is not correct, or wanted to give your opinion about it, try to do it in civilized manner.

(C-3)Dont post any malicious contents or burglar words in this forum. Those acts is strictly prohibit in this community and may result to your expulsion as a member.

(C-4)Harassment to other members here in this community is strictly prohibited. If some members find your act like a net-stoker and made a claim about it, the Administration of this community will do necessary measures.

(C-5)Although the main vision of this forum is sharing of informations and not any form of debate, there will be a time that misunderstanding between two or more members may occur. If that happen, try to report it to the MODERATORS for a necessary action.

(C-6)All members are requested to report any information posted in the forum that you find way out of line. You can do that easily by clicking the [Report to Moderator] link at the particular post. Dont forget to give your comment.

(D-1)Informations posted here must be original and created by yourself.

(D-2)News, articles, and a like taken from the net, books and other reference materials that doesnt belong to you must not be posted as a whole. Instead a link of it should be created only, or the creators/writers name should be added to it.

(D-3)Don't attach images and files on your post that are copyrighted.

(E-1)Main language that can be use here is Tagalog & English only. Threads or information written in a dialect 100% is not allowed here so that the information can be understand by all members.

(E-2)Information written in TEXT speak 100% like in a cellphone is also not allowed in this forum. It is not allowed for all members to understand the contents posted.

(E-3)Abuse use of FONT COLORS & FONT FACE is not allowed also here. Please use that functionalities only if you want to emphasize something in your post.

(E-4)Dont create any information written in all CAPITAL LETTERS & BOLD LETTERS. It is also not allowed here. Only use that functionalities if you want to emphasize something in your post.

(E-5)Members are allowed to create any link on your signature, provided that your links or images posted is not very destructive. The Administration or MODERATORS will inform you about it if its not suitable to the forum.

(E-6)Used of images that are burglar as your avatar is not allowed here. The Administration will delete it accordingly.

(E-7)Solicitation or collection of money in any form is not allowed here in this forum without permission from the Administration. Try to contact the Administration or MODERATORS of this community.

(E-8)Advertisement of products, jobs, etc. in any form here is also not allowed without permission from the Administration. Please contact us first before you post.

(E-9)False information, spam or hoax informations are strictly now allowed to post here. Be sure to confirm first the validity of your information you wanted to post here.

(E-10)Post your informations at the right place or boards where it should belong. Avoid posting informations on the boards that are not related to the board title.
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