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Exchange Rate

Feb. 23, 2018 (Fri)

1 PHP = ¥ 0.4826

1 USD = ¥ 108.06

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Incoming Holiday

Mar. 21, 2018 (Wed)
(Syunbun no Hi)
Vernal Equinox Day

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Docs Application

We can apply for your Cenomar, Birth, Death, Authentication and Marriage Certificate, etc.

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Translation Service

We can do Japanese to English, or English to Japanese translation of your documents, letters, etc.

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Document Creation

SPA, Authorization Letter, Affidavit and other documents, we can help if you have problem creating it..

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Japanese Lesson

If you want to learn Japanese language & need private lesson then we can help you. Contact us now.

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Visa Support

We can assist to complete the necessary documents you need for your visa application. Contact us now.

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Advertising Here

If you want to promote your services and products to the Filipino here in Japan, contact us now.

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Portal Information

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General facts about COE that you should know if you want to apply for long term Visa to stay in Japan.
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COE Application

List of documents you should prepare for respective type of COE you want to apply in Japan Immigration.
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FAQ About Visa

General facts about Visa that you should know if you want to apply for Visa to come in Japan.
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Family Visa Application

List of documents you should prepare if you want to invite your family member to come in Japan.
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Philippine Passport

General facts you should know about new passport application, renewal, and modification.
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Travel Tax

General facts you should know about the tax you should pay when travelling abroad from Philippines.
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Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG)

General facts you should know when you want your foreigner minor child travel to Philippines.
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Travel Clearance

General facts you should know when you want your Pinoy minor child travel to other country.
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Seikatsu Hogo (SH)

General facts you should know about the most common social benefit in Japan that you can apply.
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Marriage of Japanese & Pinoy

General facts you should know about marriage of Pinoy and Japanese in the Philippines.
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My Number System

General info you should know about the My Number System implemented lately in Japan.
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Housekeeper Work in Japan

Latest information about the opening of Japan in housekeeper workers.

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